FAQs Test My SMS

1. I am interested. How can I test?

Please visit the testmysms.com homepage, click on “Try for Free”, and complete our brief form.  A member of our engineering team will contact you to initiate the interconnection process within 1-3 business days  of your submission.  Once the interconnection is completed you will have 200 free tests to start with.

2. What are the payment terms?

All plans are prepaid and valid for up to 30 days.

3. Are there any contracts?

We offer contract terms for 3, 6 and 12 month periods. You may cancel your contract within 60 days of your start date. No questions asked.

4. How can I pay?

We accept wire transfer, credit card, or Paypal. Please contact your account manager for details.

5. What is the pricing?

Please visit http://telintel.com/test-sms/plans/ to view our current plans and offers.

6. What happens if I run out of tests before the end of the 30 day period?

The user has up to 30 days to use their tests.

For example:

On June 15th a user purchases a Junior Plan consisting of 250 tests.  That user will have until July 14th to use all 250 tests.   If the user only uses 100 tests during that period he will lose the remaining 150 unused tests.  On the other hand if on June 27th the user has exhausted his bank of 250 tests, he will have two options:

  1. Wait until July 15th to start a new plan
  2. Buy a new plan (it can be any plan) on June 27th . The new plan will be valid l July 26th.

7. Can I test my own vendors?

Yes, you just need to configure each vendor you wish to test.

8. How many of my vendors can I test?

As many as you would like, the choice is yours!

9. How many networks are covered?

Please visit the testmysms.com homepage and click on Available Networks. This list will show the number of networks available during the entire day (green) and the ones available a portion of the day (yellow). You can search on a per country basis or scroll down to see each country one-by-one. The data on the Available Networks list is published in real time.

10. How many tests can be run simultaneously?

You can run up to 400 tests at any one time.

11. What should I do if I need to test a network that is currently not available?

Please contact our team and specify the desired network. We will do our best to add that network as soon as possible.

12. How can I connect with TestMySMS?

We offer SMPP or HTTP interconnections.

13. Do you offer API so I can integrate my LCR or SMSC to send tests and receive the results?

YES, you can find our API documentation here: http://telintel.com/test-sms/apis/

14. Can I schedule tests?

Yes, TestMySMS offers a scheduling option. In the “Schedule” tab you can select the networks, templates, vendors, frequency, and the criteria for a failed test. You will receive an email notification any time a test is marked as failed. This is a great option for quality control and will enable you and your team to react to failures immediately.

15. Can I test to a particular phone number?

Yes, you can send a test message to a particular number by selecting the vendor and template. Please note that this test will appear as failed since we cannot verify the reception of the test message to that particular number.

16. Can I create my own template?

Yes, you may create as many templates as you would like by selecting the Sender ID, Text , TON, NPI, and Alphabet.

17. Can I change the message content inside of the templates?

Yes. You can overwrite any message content prior to sending.

18. Can I test Binary Messages?

Yes. Please note that the message body can only contain HEX chars ( 0-9, a-f).

19. Can I test Concatenated messages?

This functionality will be available to you on a future version of TestMySMS.

20. Can I test 2-Way (MT/MO) messaging?

This functionality will be available to you on a future version of TestMySMS.

21. Can I detect fake Delivery reception (DLR)?

Yes. If your provider is responding with fake DLR you will see the test message has not arrived (indicated by a yellow ~ or a red X symbol in the “Res” column) but the DLR signal has in fact arrived (indicated by a green check mark in the “Ven DLR” column). Please reference image example below.

22. How long does TestMySMS continue to verify the reception of a test message before it considers a test message as failed?

TestMySMS continues to verify the reception of a test message for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes a test message is considered failed and the “Res” column is marked with a red X. If the test message arrives after 2 minutes the status will be change to a green check mark and the time it took to deliver will appear in the “Delay” column. Please reference image example below.

23. Will I be able to see any differences between the test content sent and the test content received?

Yes. If any content was changed TestMySMS will insert a red X inside the “Content” column and display the difference between the content sent and received in the “Message Diff” column. Any characters that were sent and not delivered will be shown in red, and any characters that were added during transit will appear in blue. Please reference image example below.

24. Will I be able to see if the Sender ID sent is different than the Sender ID received?

Yes. If the Sender ID was changed then TestMySMS will insert a red X inside the “Send ok” column. The columns “Sender sent” and “Sender received” will show the Sender ID sent and the Sender ID received, respectively. Please reference image example below.

25. Can I export the results to excel?

Yes. Just click the “Download Reports” button at the top of the SMS Report tab.

26. Will I be able to see what service center delivered the test message?

Yes. Please see the column titled “Service Center”.

27. Can I create different users to share my TestMySMS account?

Yes. Each TestMySMS account can assign an account administrator who can create different users and assign balance to each user.

28. Can I know which user run each test?

Yes. Please see the column titled “Sent by”.

29. Can I save test criteria so I don’t have to configure the same test each time I use TestMySMS?

Yes. Just select the vendors, templates and networks for the test, assign the test a name and save it.

30. What do the colors and symbols in the “Available” column of the SMS Test tab mean?

  • Green check mark: The network available 24 x 7.
  • Yellow ~ : The network available during part of the day.
  • Red X: The network not available.

31.What do the colors and symbols in the “Res” column of the SMS Report tab mean?

  • Green check mark: The test was successful.
  • Yellow ~: The test is still running, please stand by for the results.
  • Red X: The test has failed.