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  • New “pay as you go” Plans.
  • Added support to add header variables in the HTTP send test request method.
  • Added support for Chinese, Arabic characters: The platform now accepts unicode (UTF-8) character set for testing.
  • When sending a test batch, it now informs the balance is not enough before sending the batch.
  • Show the MCC-MNC in the result SMS, and in the send test screen.
  • Added a column with the Sms Center (SMSC) country
  • Added plan remaining days in the dashboard toolbar.
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  • Fixed a bug that prevented completing all the payment process when using credit card.
  • Fixed the dates where the payment where made.
  • Enhanced the payments look and feel.
  • Added an option to add payments in advance: Now the user can add prepay plans in advance that will become active if the balance is inferior to do at least one test , or when the current plan expires.
  • Added plan expiration event: When the expiration date reaches, the remaining balance will be deducted from the account.
[su_spacer size=”4″][/su_spacer] [su_spoiler title=”ENHANCEMENTS” icon=”arrow” style=”fancy”] ENHANCEMENTS (15-JUL-2015)

  • Changed the reports column titles, to a more precise words[/su_spoiler]
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