Provides termination services for Call Centers and Domestic Operators at very aggressive rates. Whether you are a call center, CLEC, Aggregator or just need to terminate your Voip traffic, CallCenterTraffic.com can help you with:


Short duration termination: For voice traffic with an ACD (Average Call Duration) as low as 12 seconds. It is ideal for marketing and dialer traffic since there are no penalties for the low duration calls. Billing is every 6 seconds for USA and Canada and every second for other countries, and CLI is guaranteed.

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Conversational international termination: Ideal for wholesale operators, calling card and call shops operations, fix and mobile operators. Please click the button to start your FREE TRIAL.


Robocall and Text2Speech: CallCenterTraffic provides TextToSpeech and Robocall delivery platforms. You just need to know the voice or text message and the user phone number. Ideal for marketing and collection campaigns.


Clk2Call: Click2Call is a form of Web-based communication in which a person clicks an object (e.g., button, image or text) to request an immediate connection with another person in real-time by phone call. You can test the service now.